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Majken's Pan-Oh!-Rama

Pan-Oh!-Rama is a powerful dual filter modulated by six lfo's. Effects range from autopan, tremolo and filtersweeps to pure fm-madness.

Pan-Oh!-Rama v1.0 SE 1.135 (PC / VST 4.0 MB)

Pan-Oh!-Rama v1.0 (PC / VST 2.6 MB)

"This hilariously named plugin (well, we chuckled anyway) is a cool little LFO-driven modulation plug-in that can be used as an autopanner/tremolo/dual filter. In total there are six LFO's using 18 waveshapes, plus six different filtertypes. We've tried it and we love it!"
Future Music

Pan-Oh!-Rama v1.0:
> - CPU usage reduced
> - Two new Pulse Waveforms
> - Stereo & Mono versions
> - LFO sync on Program Change
> - Detailed Manual
> - New Presets
Pan-Oh!-Rama Beta5:
Denormalisation fixed, Volume modulation improved, Filter modulation improved, Effect Mix parameter added, GUI Fixes and New Presets.
Pan-Oh!-Rama Beta4:
True stereo, Free modulation routing, LFO On/Off, Volume modulation changed, Parameter Finetunings
Pan-Oh!-Rama Beta3:
Denormalisation errors fixed (energyXT), MIDI Trig fixed, LFO Restart on playback fixed, Negative LFO modulation added, Filterbank mixing fixed, Parameter finetunings, New presets.
Pan-Oh!-Rama Beta2:
2 new LFO's, 1 new filterbank, X-mixing between the filterbanks, CPU optimizations, GUI improvements, New stage settings, Parameter finetunings, Gate LFO settings, New presets.
Pan-Oh!-Rama Beta1:
First release


# 2009-12-06 00:54
i loove everything you make
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# Sean 2011-03-14 20:31
Hi..Really Awseome VST,s man.
Would It be Possible to Get The pan O rama and Cimmera On a disk ??? As I do Not have any prog to open and My New i7 pc will not have Net access, just for Muzak bro ! so if that can be done let me know ...and shall make Donation and cover postage to Scotland etc...thanks and Just totally Awesome again !!!
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